The Bill Moore Student Success Center is located at 219 Uncle Heinie Way Northwest, Atlanta, GA 30313.

Parking is located at 176 North Avenue Northwest, Atlanta, GA, 30313, in Area 1 Visitor Lot.

Please note that the NW or Northwest is extremely important when entering the approximate address into GPS; entering simply the street will result in a different location away from the Georgia Tech campus.

Once parked in Area 1 Visitor Lot please follow the Sky Bridge Directions below to get to the Bill Moore Student Success Center.

Sky Bridge Directions

  1. From the top of the parking deck, proceed across the pedestrian bridge to safely cross North Avenue. 
  2. The Bill Moore Student Success Center is the large brick building to your right at the end of the sidewalk right and is attached to the west side of the football stadium.

Please use the automated pedestrian cross walk located on the street level just south of the parking deck. For your safety, please do not cross the street at any point outside of a crosswalk on North Avenue Northwest. It is extremely busy and our campus police may issue tickets for jaywalking.

For mailing purposes only, please use our official campus address:( This is a campus address and will not display on GPS).

219 Uncle Heinie Way Atlanta, GA 30332-0122