Room Use and Property Damage Policy

All groups, organizations or individual reserving space at the Student Success Center are responsible for the room and its contents during the scheduled reservation time. The group, organization or individual reserving the space in the Student Success Center agree to abide by and make other members participating in the event aware of, all laws, rules, regulations, policies and ordinances pertaining to the use of Institute property, furnishings, and equipment as notated below.

  • Damages - The group, organization or individual reserving the space is responsible for any damage to the area reserved, including property, furnishings and/or equipment. If damage should occur, the group, organization or individual reserving the space shall be held responsible for costs incurred and the repair or replacement of the damaged property, furnishings or equipment.

  • Removal - Removal of property, furnishings or equipment assigned to university facilities is strictly prohibited.

  • Cleaning Charges - Additional cleaning charges may result if the reserved space is left excessively disordered. It is the responsibility of the group, organization, or individual reserving the space to restore the space to the condition in which it was received.

  • Liability - Theft of personal effects occurring in connection with the event shall in no way be the responsibility of the University or its officials.

Failure to comply with policies and procedures governing use will result in the denial of future reservation requests and damage charges.

The Student Success Center does not provide event space to individual Georgia Tech students. Students interested in requesting event space are permitted to do so through a chartered Georgia Tech organization only and the individual must be an approved member of that chartered organization. Please contact the Student Engagement Office at 404.894.3458 or with questions regarding updates/changes to OrgSync member lists or becoming an approved contact for the chartered organization. Please see "fronting" policy below.


Institute departments and student organizations may not serve as fronts for off-campus organizations. If fronting is discovered, outside rental rates will apply, and future reservation privileges will be impacted.

Decoration Policy

The Student Success Center Event Manager must approve all decorations.

  • We encourage free standing and tabletop decorations.

  • No confetti, glitter, tinsel or feathers are allowed, no exceptions. A $150 cleaning fee will be applied to your reservation if decor with any of these characteristics is discovered.

  • Only masking tape or painter's tape may be used to affix signs and/or decorations to any surface (e.g., walls, doors, flooring, etc.).

  • The use of staples, nails, tacks or any other form of tape/adhesive on any surface is strictly prohibited.

  • Nothing may be taped, hung and/or stuck to ceilings (including pinatas and string lights) and air walls/air wall tracks.

  • All permanent building artwork must remain in place.

  • Flame candles are not permitted; electronic candles are a great alternative.

  • If using the ice machines, please bring a container and a scoop.

  • Room sets are FINAL. Event hosts are not permitted to move furniture without prior approval.