Catering Policy

Catering Policy

For Catering purchases under $600, any licensed food service provider may be used (including the Caterers listed below - or other providers at the choice of the event sponsor - subject to Event Manager approval).

For Catering purchases over $600, for events on Georgia Tech property, only the approved, licensed Caterers under contract with Georgia Tech listed below may be used.

If the available Catering selections do not meet your specific dietary or cultural needs, please submit Exception Request Form for consideration. This Exemption form applies to the GT Community only.

Catering Services

Georgia Tech Catering is the primary approved catering service for Georgia Tech.

Phone: 404.894.1542 or 404.894.9559

Technology Square restaurants can also cater your event. Please note that Moe’s and Yogli Mogli are not Tech Square restaurants.

Catering Contract Highlights

  • Caterers must have a Certified Food Safety Manager present at every event with more than 200 attendees.

  • Caterers must agree to fully cooperate with GT building managers where a catered event is held.

  • Caterers will be responsible for timely and appropriate set-up of the area and must provide all catering equipment and ancillary needs for a successful event.

  • A Georgia Tech building manager or event manager will designate the set-up and breakdown times, which may vary.

  • Caterers will be responsible for immediate restoration of facilities used for catered events to the satisfaction of the building manager. Restoration shall include, but not be limited to, cleaning and sanitation of the area, furniture rearrangement, removal of equipment, trash removal and repair of any facility damaged caused by Caterer.

  • Caterers must abide by all GT policies, rules and regulations.

  • Caterers must abide by GT parking guidelines.

  • Caterers must abide by GT Alcohol policies.

  • Caterers must use Coca-Cola brand products exclusively when providing services on campus.