1. Take Exit #249D (Spring Street, West Peachtree Street).
  2. At the top of the exit ramp, go through the first intersection (Spring Street).
  3. At the next intersection (West Peachtree Street), turn left.
  4. Continue on West Peachtree Street for approximately one block and turn left onto North Avenue.
  5. Cross over the interstate and Techwood Drive.
  6. On the left you will come to a large parking lot called Visitor 1 Lot. Simply pull to the gate (on the left once inside the lot) and take a ticket.

*Please Note: Parking is at your own expense. The nearest visitors parking location is Area 1 on North Avenue. For information about hourly rates, please visit the Parking and Transportation website.

Sky Bridge Directions

  1. From the top of the parking deck, proceed across the pedestrian bridge to safely cross North Avenue.
  2. Once you have crossed the bridge walk down the ramp to your right and then veer left up the sidewalk toward the Bill Moore Student Success Center.
  3. The Student Success Center is the large brick building at the end of the sidewalk right and is attached to the west side of the football stadium.

*Please Note: There is also an automated pedestrian cross walk located on the street level just south of the parking deck. For your safety, please do not cross the street at any point outside of a crosswalk . North Avenue is extremely busy and our campus police may issue tickets for jaywalking.

GT Campus Parking Map